Time to give the diet a little break!

Now don’t get excited! Let me explain what is happening first!

So Amy and Roxy actually started this challenge a good 3 months ago but due to unforeseen circumstance and some lengthy hospital stays for Amy we have stretched our challenge time to give them some uninterrupted time to get in shape.

What this has meant is that up to a few weeks ago it had been almost 12 weeks straight that the girls had been doing the high protein, clean eating diet that I set out at the beginning of this challenge. Over the past couple of weeks I had noticed their weight loss had stalled and they were generally lacking energy and getting grumpy and short tempered – all signs to me that it was time to have a change in their diet. It wouldn’t be for long, just long enough to give their minds, bodies and metabolisms a break before they had to knuckle down again to bring it all in for their parade.

So for the past couple of weeks both ladies have been having:-

3 x Fish Oil, 2 x Vitamin C, 3 x per day, Organic Vital Greens, Magnesium, Silica – all courtesy of Darwin’s Number 1 Supplement and Nutrition Store – Wicked NRG!

M1: Shimmy Shake Smoothie w/ 1 x scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 x tablespoon frozen berries, 100ml skim milk and water and ice to taste. Blend and love!

M2: 2 x Whole eggs with 2 rashers short cut bacon

M3: 120g Tuna with a salad and ½ an avocado

M4: Same as M1

M5: 120g Fish or chicken breast with salad

Optional: 2 x slices of pumpernickel bread with peanut butter and 1 x punnet of strawberries

Fast track to this week and only 8 weeks out from the big reveals we have tightened up the girl’s diet again to help them shed some more kilos. Here is their current food plan:

M1: 3 x egg whites with 1 x bunch of asparagus

M2: Shimmy Shake Smoothie – without the milk

M3: Tuna with Salad

M4: 30g nuts

M5: Fish or chicken Breast with Salad or Greens

This tighter diet along with extra cardio – we up it by 15 mins everyday every fortnight – will really help the girls to shed extra kilos over the coming weeks!

It’s very exciting for all of us and I can see the glint in all of their eyes as the settle in for the final hard yards of their challenge.

Please be sure to support all of the ladies whenever you see them – they are all doing an amazing job!

Vania Primmer

Ultimate Gym and Fitness


Roxy’s Blog – “Im now officially 100% off the cigarettes!”

So much has happened and there have been so many ups an downs, it would have been amazing to read too…..

 Well I’m officially 100% off the cigarettes….. I have noticed my fitness and strength getting better and my body shape getting firmer and tighter every day!!!! We had an absolute ball at the glitterati party at the Ultimate gym…… However unfortunately with my hectic two jobs and two netball team plus training lifestyle…. I have hurt my back fairly badly as have not been having any PT sessions nor netball or any impact training for two weeks!!!!!!

The physio thinks it is a bulged disk, although I am staying positive and saying its just a disc out of place. As an alternative I have been swimming and doing bikram yoga (whilst in Adelaide for work) just to keep my fitness up but still feel like I’ve been letting myself down!! 😦 I have had the all clear to train again this week, but strong warnings to go easy, so am going to get straight back into it, as we get closer to the reveal, I need to be working harder than ever!!! I am asking for support now more than ever and my amazing housemates are going to exercise with me every day to keep my focused and motivated!! Can’t wait to get back to my Sammy aka the devil session just to see if my fitness has dropped off.

Went away for Easter long weekend with some mates and found it very hard to even just swim everyday, holidays and time away from my routine are the hardest times for me, I let myself eat a bit of chocolate but definitely back on the straight an narrow now!!!! Vania- kick my ass this week!!!!! X Well until next week, stay fit, focused and will see you at the Ultimate Gym!!!


Rox Xxx  


“It’s been a hell of a journey so far …” Super Amy’s Blog


It’s been a hell of a journey so far but life is getting back to normal. I have little spikey bits of hair growing back through my scar YAY! And just while we’re on the subject… I’d like you all to know this regrowth look isn’t me trying to make a bad fashion statement haha… I’m just wasn’t allowed any products near my scar.

The extremely bad reaction on my chest from the steroids used to shrink my brain for surgery has all cleared up FINALLY! I was worried everyone around the gym was thinking I was trying to get buff! The only little thing is I find myself exhausted in the afternoons… but doesn’t everyone! Oh and my super powers have not shown up yet… what’s with that brain?? Not even a spot of new genius to be seen!

For the past couple of days i’ve returned to Prince of Wales Hospital for more brain scans and to meet up with the amazing people who saved my life. Quite an emotional trip that I was not expecting.

The day before flying to Sydney I went to the gym determined to give it my all to make up for the trip. I had so much work and other crap running through my head… and if you’re like me that can be such a great motivator to keep pushing harder and harder! Love it! As I came to the end of my session I said to myself “ok time to go to Sydney”. Instantly all my thoughts left my head and my eyes swelled up and tears began rolling down my face (still on the olypticalblahblahblah or whatever it’s called mind you). Talk about instant reality check. I grabbed my stuff and legged it out of there! It was such a weird sensational that ran through my body. It all came flooding back and all of a sudden I felt nervous and fear. I’ve been so focused on my recovery, getting my fitness back on track and putting it all behind me, that it’s been a while since I’ve really thought about what happened to me and how very lucky I am.

The thought of being put in another head lock into another machine and talking brain tumours again isn’t cool… but has to be done. Something I’ll have to get used to I guess. Hmm maybe I’ll just have to buy myself something pretty each time to make up for it! So a pedi, mani and chocolate easter bunny it was! Easter chocolate tastes sooo much better!

The results from the surgeons were great, my recovery is right on track! The bleeding on my brain has gone and I’ve been given the all clear to sort my hair out, run, jump, and wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah! Look out tready… here I come! For Sammie and Kellem… that was lie 😉

Amy xox

There was no Guiness, Irish stews or pies here today – just blood, sweat and tears….and well…we nearly got some green spew.

St Patty’s day; and where most people were probably out n about downing pints of Guiness and chomping down pies, Amy, Roxy and new recruit Mel were sweating it out in the gym. Already there an hour before our session, the girls were walking their bootys off on the treadmills.

This was Mel’s first session with me, and she gave it all she had. Both Amy and Roxy have noticeably improved their strength, and overall fitness as well as their confidence in themselves to push themselves beyond places they never thought they could.

One of the best things for me from this session, was noticing straight away Amy’s massive improvement from the last time I had seen her…only a week and half ago. The side effects from her medication have nearly all gone and she’s looking great. She was smiling, laughing and encourging the other two girls the whole session, and the gleam in her eye as she proudly exclaimed; “I’m now back to where I was when I left (to have the brain tumours removed)….I’m feeling really good”, that was priceless 🙂

Roxy has taken leaps and bounds from where I first saw her – even with her crazy jam-packed schedule of work, gym and netball, Roxy is still bursting with energy and has an awesome glow about her at the moment.

I felt as though Mel really pushed through some of her own barriers today. Mel definitely makes it a fun session always cracking jokes and making us laugh – but her own frustrations started to come out today as she pushed herself further and further. There were jokes, there were some cursing, a few “she’s evil” mutters, there was sweat and heat rash, and also a couple of “I’m going to be sick” taunts which then turned into “Do you want me to hurl in your face? I had vital greens for breakfast, it’ll make it a nice green colour” when I had her on her last round of squat punches! But there was no spewing, and Mel finished the session off like a trooper – not giving up on anything I gave her to do. By the end of our session, I could see those little voices in Mel’s head telling her that “she can’t” going away and now saying “I can”. Massive effort Mel – well done!!

The girls have still got a way to go, but what they’ve already come is pretty amazing. If they can stick to their healthy eating plans and dedicated exercise regime these girls have got all the opportunities they could want to turn their lives around and lead a healthy, happy, balanced life…..the only thing that will stop them is themselves….I’m really excited to keep seeing these amazing women continue on to be the best they can be – and seeing out last supermodel, Kate, come on board as well.


ps…u can check all the girl’s workouts on the workout page 😉

PRESS RELEASE – Mel Little from Mix 104.9 and Kate Sellwood from Advanced Body Image join the SuperModel Challenge!



(Darwin, Australia 12 March 2012)


 The Darwin based Ultimate Gym and Fitness reality project SuperModel NT has had it’s fair share of challenges since it launched on 1 February 2012. The most serious event involved SuperModel Amy Brabin being rushed by CareFlight Medivac to Sydney to have several brain tumours removed just 10 days into the project.

In an outstanding story of courage, hope and determination Amy returned last week to Darwin to recommence her SuperModel journey.

“I’m so happy to be back with my friends and colleagues in Darwin. This experience has made me realise how precious life is and that I want to live a long and healthy life,” said Amy.

Amy has since quit both smoking and drinking and her life threatening operation and subsequent recovery has even encouraged her SuperModel co-star Roxy Morton-Owen to also give up the alcohol and smoking.’

With both SuperModels home safely and back on track, project founder Vania Primmer said today that the time was right for a project re-launch.

“It’s great to have Amy back safely and to see the great progress Roxy is making after almost being fired from the project in the first week! No one said being a Super Model was easy!  This project is a fun, exciting and will be a really positive experience for everyone involved and now the future looks bright ahead, it’s time for a re-launch with a few surprises!.”

“Firstly, we have decided to move the Lingerie and Swimwear Parade date out to the first week of June, I will be meeting with Erin Byrd to see if it can coincide with Darwin Fashion Week so we will settle on a final date after that meeting. I think it’s a great fit for our project and will be showcasing some of Darwin’s finest fashions and newest Supermodels!.”

“Secondly, we are very excited to welcome two new SuperModels to our project – Kate Sellwood of Advanced Body Image and Mel Little, Radio Co-host on Mix 104.9 will join Amy and Roxy in the SuperModel Me NT Challenge. They are both great ladies and represent different body types and demographics. It will help to raise the appeal and engagement level across the Territory and I have no doubt that they will absolutely give it their all!”.

Roxy and Amy are excited and happy to have two new models to share their journey. “The more the merrier, said Amy, they have different body types and amounts of weight they want to lose and we can all support each other along the way. Kate with her business, family commitments and a small baby and Mel with her shift work and demands of a high profile job will give the project more depth and show that no matter who you are, you can be healthy and fit.”

I’m tired of being a “GONNA” girl” Mel said. “I’m GONNA lose weight, I’m GONNA get fit, same old New Year’s resolutions year in and year out. No more! Bring on Super Model Me!”.

The models will also be raising money for several charities as part of their weight loss journeys. ”I currently weigh 99.1kilos,”said Kate Sellwood. Ï have a great opportunity to lose weight, get healthy and raise money for an amazing charity. My sponsorship proceeds will be donated to Camp Quality and my goal is to reach $15,000. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. Although losing weight for a healthier life will be a great bonus, being able to give $15, 000 to a charity like Camp Quality would certainly make all of the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile.”

So join the Super Models on their SuperModel Me journey, find them on FaceBook “SuperModelMe”, join in the fun on their YouTube Channel “SuperModelMe2012” or follow their blog link at www.ultimategymnt.com.au


Mel Little (Centre) with SuperModels Amy and Roxy


Kate Sellwood - happy days with her children

Contact info:

Mel Little 0459990169

Amy Brabin 0409884451

Roxy Morton-Owen 0439087379

Kate Sellwood 08 8985 6088

Vania Primmer 0438 550 851

What a rollercoaster week for our SuperModel family …

The week started with Roxy and Amy going great guns!

First there were happy tears as Roxy and Amy returned from their respective times away – Roxy returned from a good 3 weeks away with her work and family and she was absolutely glowing! She’d managed to stay on track with her food and her training as best she could and the proof was in the pudding – as they say!

Amy was also back from a 3 week stint away in Sydney to have her brain tumours removed. Amy looked equally amazing and all of us were so astounded to see how well she was doing. Both girls had lost a couple of kilo’s and were eager to get back into their SuperModel training routines.

Body composition test time

On Tuesday afternoon they both headed to the gym to have their Body Compositions checked on the amazing technology of the InBody 720 Body Composition Machine from Darwin Dieticians. Richard Saegar attached them both to the machines and they both had really great results. Roxy in particular had her final score at 89/100 which showed that her body is really responding to her new way of living. Amy’s was 77/100 and considering that she has possibly endured the toughest 3 weeks of her life with no exercise, little access to her good food and loads of medication being pumped into her little body we were all very happy with her result. Richard will be back next month so that we can check the girls progress.

You can see their YouTube clip here

Roxy and Amy quit smoking and drinking!

Tuesday ended on a high with Roxy announcing that this experience and in honour of Amy’s recovery from surgery she had completely quit smoking and … drinking! This was astounding for us because Roxy’s Bioage assessment showed her smoking at least a pack a week and drinking up to 90 standard drinks per week! And, as you can imagine, Amy has also quit smoking and drinking. Of course its still early days, but we will be doing all we can to support both girls with their new outlook on their health, lifestyle and longevity.

And as if this wasn’t enough good news, Roxy also let me know that she had decided to take up studies to become a Personal Trainer! She has inspired so many of her friends to live healthier lives since she started her SuperModel journey that she has decided to continue her learning and get a qualification. Awesome news!

Amy suffers some seizures

Unfortunately the rest of the week has not gone as well. Wednesday started with a text from Amy telling me that she had suffered several seizures and that she was waiting to see a GP and a specialist at the hospital. Of course the word ‘seizures’ conjured up all sorts of frightening thoughts but Amy assured me that they had been very mild. Basically she would suddenly be unable to move her arm from her shoulder down. Her arm would just ‘flop about’ and she would have little to no control over it for a few minutes and then it would return to normal.

She had been told that it was quite normal and that she may experience other unusual things as her brain returned to normal. She was also going to be prescribed some medicine which would help to settle these mild seizures down.

It was very frightening for all and in particular Amy’s mum who accompanied her back from Sydney and has not left her side since she arrived back home.

I’m convinced that Amy’s mum does not like me, well not me exactly but more I guess what I represent. I know she knows that if it weren’t for me and the SuperModel project Amy would be happier to rest and recover. As it is – with this amazing opportunity in front of her that appeals to her competitive nature Amy is amping to get back to the gym and her training. Not to mention that she has been sedentary for the past few weeks and as any fitness fan will tell you, you miss the feel good endorphins that come from exercising and working up a sweat. And I know that as much as it is about her journey Amy is just really keen to get back to feeling great!

But as a mother myself and of a beautiful little girl I really do understand exactly where her mother is coming from. Nothing is more important than a full recovery for her little girl – not looking good, not feeling good, not having fun, not getting better quickly – nothing … the only thing that matters is that Amy recovers and that we give her all of the time and space that she needs to do exactly that. xxx


Blog from Amy – My greatest fear was not waking up …

This was one of the first emails we received from Amy after her devastating news:

To my dearest friends I firstly want to express how much I love everyone’s love, support and spirit throughout this un-imaginable event! I wanted to write to you all so I can give you all a run down on what’s happened. And im so sorry for so many non replied messages. Word has spread fast and I feel so heart warmed I have so many beautiful people in my life that care so much xoxo

Who would have thought Wednesday morning at 4am after driving myself to the emergency department with an outrageous head pain I would hours later that day be on the CareFlight service heading to Prince Wales Hospital, Sydney. I wasn’t going to go into details but it is out there now and better you all know what’s happening from me. Please try to keep this private especially until after the surgery (I do understand it hard). I have two tumours on my brain. One is very large 5cm across round and the other is 1cm. After the MRI today the expert neurosurgeons told me they 99% believe they are benign. Best news of my life! Im sure you can only imagine our thoughts. Still a tough road ahead but with a smile on my face. The large tumour is being removed on Wednesday and then we’ll have an even clearer 100% outlook. They say brain surgery is a rather quicker recovery than you’d think. I shall be remaining here for a minimum 5 days after the surgery and hopefully a quick recovery back home in Darwin. They say life back to normal is pretty quick… so happy, couldn’t have prayed for a better result.

Love you all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

And then this one after her surgery: –

Its been a week or so today since we found out and i’m so happy to say “I am so lucky”. My biggest fear was not waking up. Then it was waking up but not knowing anything. Then it was waking up and not moving, or being different. I don’t think i’ll ever be able to explain the overwhelming emotions that ran across my body the moment I woke up with mum in one hand and Dal in the other and knowing what was going on, i’ll never forget it.

My amazing surgeons were able to remove both my tumours from my brain, meaning I don’t have to go back in 6-12 months and do it all over again.  I never want to go through this again. But unfortunately there was a negative, they have found a third tumour they couldn’t get to. It is small, only 3mm wide. They say no surgeon would go in to get it based on size, location and due to my other tumours being benign. Now we know its there though we can just keep an eye on it. It was so daunghting to me to hear the surgeons say “Your tumours could have been there your entire life!” I know they definitely think for the last 5 years! Just freaks me out! My recovery has been “impresive” the docs say (only way I do things really ;)).

Talking after surgery, walking the next day and released 5 days later. I am still coming to terms with the fact Im not allowed to fly home yet and must be rested for the next 8 days in Wagga Wagga. Although im going very well my body tires very quickly and I need to recover completely. Hopefully back home to Darwin on the 24th Feb. Ok that’s enough medical… I going to be great! I’m going to be fit! And i’m going to live a amazing life! I’m not going through all of that for nothing! 😉

Now to all of you!!!!! You serious have no idea how many times I would just lay there and know I am the luckiest girl in the world. I have the most amazing friends and family. All the visitors, flowers, cards, pressies and messages really do make an enormous difference. It reminded me how much I wanted to get back into my life… my life with all of you! The staff at the hospital would walk into my room and be like “Oh my god it like a beautiful garden wonderland in here” or “Oh my god i’ve never seen anything like this… I feel like we’re are in a movie!” It really was spectacular!

Two weeks ago I was the happiest person I’d been in a long time… everything was going so well… and all I wanted was to get it back. All the postive stories that you all shared with me to keep me up. The people who would send me messages everyday just to let me know they love me. I recieved messages from people I didn’t even know who had been through similar situaltions, offering their time to come talk to me, and support me. All of this was because of all of you. I will be forever thankful xo

It hasn’t all been ‘Let crack open your skull and take out tumours the size of oranges”. We’ve had some good times 🙂 My amazing friend Helen who when found out flew from Bali to Darwin to Adlidaide to Sydney to be with me sprained her ankle on the way and I ended up meeting her in the emergency department, surgical gown and all! Anyways I’ve attached some photos for you all. Everyone loves photos… see what I look like… do I have my hair… 😉

Again I love you all and can not thank you enough for getting me through this. Amy xo

Amy was even brave enough to share some of her pictures with us!


Amy’s Blog Update – I’m improving already and …. I GRUNTED!

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Sammi may look all little, cute and innocent but this girl worked us hard. Bright red, sweaty and puffing just after the warm up I knew we were going to be burning some fat baby yay! My favourite part today was … Continue reading


Roxy’s Blog Update – Wk 3 and I’m on the road!

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Well it is the end of my first week away from Darwin on my new and improved lifestyle, I am not going to lie and say it has been easy, however I am feeling really good and excited about the … Continue reading